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Introducing Power Arc CD-Series Ignitions

Reduce inventory costs and increase sales by stocking inexpensive adapter plates and a few ignition control modules instead of a different ignition for every application.  Simply bolt on the adapter plate and program the ignition to fit your application.  

Stop losing sales, now you can afford to stock for dozens of different engines/vehicles.   Learn more here or contact Power Arc for details.

Featured Dealers/Resellers 

C5 Performance Inc.

N2151 County Road M
Hortonville, WI 54944 USA
(920) 403-0555

Vintage Motorcycles American, European & Metric. Vintage Automotive and Marine.  Custom Ignition Development and Ignition Mapping


Old Britts Norton Commando IgnitionOld Britts
718 Griffin Ave. #8

Enumclaw, WA 98022 USA
(253) 735-2375

Specializing in Norton ONLY.  Fred has a complete kit for Norton's.

Old Britts also sponsors Kenny Cummings NYC Norton running a Power Arc Ignition.
Video of Race at Virginia International Raceway 8/21/2011.

Honda SOHC and DOHC Engines

CycleX Honda Ignitions

                        SOHC DOHCCycle X
6246 US Hwy 51 South
Hazelhurst, WI  54531
(715) 356-7346

Specializing in Honda CB-750 SOHC. Cycle X has
complete kits for the Honda SOHC and DOHC Engines.  

Be a part of the CYCLE X-perience

Puch Pinzgauer, Unimog & Volkswagen

83102 Carmel Mountain Drive
Indio, CA 92203
5-8 PM PST

An electronic drop-in
replacement ignition system for all gasoline Pinzgauer 710 and 712 models,
Unimog & Volkswagen.


Click here if you want to purchase Harley-Davidson products
from Power Arc or buy from our featured dealer below

Bikers PHD

Bikers PHD

404 S. Main Suite A
Creve Coeur, IL 61610
(208) 694-9002

European Sales


                    Cylinder Service Performance Ignitions Development
Rander's Cylinder Service
Kristrupvej 81
Randers 8960  Denmark

Motorcycles & Automotive
.  Custom Ignition Development.

Some Products May Not Legal For Installation on Pollution Controlled Vehicles

Ignition Development System

If you would like to learn more about the IDS development system click here Our unique rapid development system can quickly produce a custom ignition for most applications.  If you would like to develop a custom ignition using IDS click here or contact Power Arc. 

Power Arc Ignition Models

 IDS CD-Series

The CD-Series ignitions are fully programmable. Up to four coil outputs and 4 timing maps. Works for Harley Davidson* Single/Dual Fire, Honda, Kawasaki, Norton, Royal Enfield,  Triumph, Ural, tractors, distrbutor based cars & other 1-8 cylinder engines.  Four models are available CD-1, CD-2 & CD-4. The number after the CD-Series designation represents the number of coil cores the ignition is capable of driving. The CD-Series ignitions use interchangeable adapter plates allowing the igntion to fit almost any engine with an exposed cam or crank shaft.

IDS CD-Series Mounted to Distributor Stem

CD Ignition Mounted in Ignition

CD-Series  ignitions can use interchangeable stems that fit in a variety of engines which utilize a distributor. There is no  external module and no high voltage distributor cap
. CD-Series ignitions can also  be adapted to existing distributors.

Miniature MC-Series Coils

The MC-Series Coils are a miniature series of coils that are easier to mount.  They feature high output in a small package.  These coils can also be daisy chained so that up to 10 coils can be hooked up to a single ignition output.

MC-1 Miniature Single Tower Single Core Ignition Coil

Miniature Dual Tower Single Core Ignition Coil

Power Arc Full Size Coils

SF Coil

ST Single Tower Single Core Ignition Coil
DF Coil
DF Dual Tower Single Core Ignition Coil
SF Coil

Dual Tower Dual Core
Ignition Coil
QT-2 Coil
QT-2 Quad Tower Dual Core Ignition Coil